Get a Pleasure with Aabha Condom..

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as leading manufacturers of high quality condoms. The Aabha Contraceptive is a dedicated condom designed exclusively for receptive sexual intercourse. It is worn internally by a receptive male or female partner. It is intended to facilitate a pleasurable and safe experience for both partners, increase its acceptability, improve sensation and comfort, and influence consistent condom compliance for those who engage in sexual intercourse. It minimizes the risk of contracting HIV and STI/STD. It provides a receptive partner with the initiative to use a condom without negotiation...Go inside

Pleasure Products
  • Speed Rider
  • Hot Pleasure
  • Kamdeo
  • Hot-shot
  • Safety and satisfaction
  • Hany Bunny
Product Features
  • Quality standards including ISO4074:2003
  • Each condom is 100% Electronically Tested.
  • Meets National or International Specifications
  • All male condoms are rated to have a 5 year shelf life.